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Introducing our UK made Road2 Hubs built onto the last of our 2018 season rims the Arc22 and Elite38. No corners have been cut in making this wheelset from the Premium Belgium manufactured Sapim spokes, the hubset manufactured inhouse in our CNC factory in Lincoln, the ultra premium SKF Bike Specific Bearings and the latest in rim technology.

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Arc22 ultrawide rims are our cutting edge rim range designed specifically for wider tyres and big gravel/CX tyres. We were ahead of the market launching 19mm inside width road rims over 4 years ago, now riders cant get enough of that fat tyre feeling of speed and comfort. They use our Verve Design philosophy with a wider than traditional rim profile to modify the tyre contact patch and give better grip and lower rolling resistance making them perfect for running larger tyres or lower pressures for comfort with speed. Glossy black anodising and subtle laser marking. Looks good and will last, no scrappy stickers flaking or peeling off after a few weeks.


Elite38 ultradeep Aero rims are our rim range designed specifically for ultimate speed. 38mm deep section aluminium rims with a 14mm internal width for racy tires. Glossy black anodising and subtle laser marking. Looks good and will last, no scrappy stickers flaking or peeling off after a few weeks.


Alex rims welded performance rims. R475 front and R380 rear. With removable stickers and black anodising for stealthy good looks.

At Superstar Components we always strive for better, faster, stronger. While the hubsets we imported from our original suppliers over the last ten years were OK, we still tweaked the designs over the years and introduced the highest quality bearings from SKF to make them stand out from the competition. But they just could not provide what we needed so we decided to bring all hub production inhouse. So after several years of designing, testing and huge investment in the highest quality CNC machines we are launching our own hubs, made with no compromises.
The Road2 range of hubs are the perfect balance of strength, weight and performance for road riding. Designed with durability in mind, the oversize axle and large PCD flanges give better spoke angles than lesser hubsets for stiffer and stronger wheel builds.
Screw on endcaps and oversize 15mm thru axles for rigidity and superior performance for front hubs. Oversize SKF custom bearings and 17mm axle gives epic durability to the rear hub with 27 points of engagment for snappy pickup.
We have added in all the features we desired for the perfect hub. Custom seals, Custom bearings, oversize axles, oversize flanges, extra detailed machining all add upto the ultimate hubset. As we are producing these by the thousand we can offer market leading quality for a reasonable price, with long term spares backup direct from the manufacturer.

Road2 Hubset Features:

  • 7075 T6 aerospace grade Aluminium
  • SKF Bike Specific Bearings - The ultimate quality sealed bearing
  • Precision CNC machined endcaps
  • High gloss anodise finish
  • Weight removal by extensive CNC machining.
  • Manufactured with pride in the UK
  • Built in the UK with Sapim Race Silver spokes and Sapim POLYAX brass nipples with PTFE antiseize.


You want the best value for money on the market, our essential wheels focus on what you get in the box for the best price. Our Superstar Premium Line wheels have all the bells and whistles which have to be included in the purchase price, due to customer request we are offering a cheaper option without these features to hit a lower price. Sure it would be nice to have premium SKF bearings fitted to everything but they cost a fortune, so we can slash prices by fitting standard quality bearings in line with the rest of the industry. Race Sapim spokes and brass nipples, plus rims and hubs from reputable manufacturers, mean the best bang for your buck.

2 Year Warranty on materials and manufacturing faults

Crash Rebuild and Free Truing policy DOES NOT apply to Essential wheels.

We do not cover bearing failure as this is a wear and tear issue. Replacing of standard size bearings is an easy and cheap task, and part of standard maintenance

All Superstar wheels are supplied without rimtape or tubeless parts. We prefer to allow customers to fit their personal choice of tape/valves/sealant to suit their requirements.


Tech Specs

20 spoke front - radial
24 spoke rear - 2x
Arc22 Rim - 22mm deep section 19mm internal, 25mm external
Elite 38 Rim - 38mm deep section 14mm internal, 20mm external

Wheelset Weight:
Pair 1500-1650g

Note: Weights are generated by weighing a randomly selected wheelset with freehub and adaptors fitted. Due to the manufacturing process components parts vary, so this value is to be taken as guide not a guarantee. Our values are not to be confused with "optimistic" theoretical weights some manufactures claim which are often hundreds of grams understated.

Our wheels are focused on durability and long life, not weight weenie gram chasing. Sure we could easily save 100g a wheelset by putting tiny thin section bearings which don't last in our hubs but that's not upto the quality we require. If you want crazy light and unusable products we cannot help sorry.

The Road2 Shimano freehub is compatible with:

  • 11 speed Mountain Bike Shimano Cassettes - Use the 1.8mm cassette spacer available from the spares section
  • 8/9/10 speed Mountain Bike Shimano Cassettes - Use the 1.8mm cassette spacer available from the spares section
  • 11 speed Road Bike Shimano Cassettes - No spacer
  • 8/9/10 speed Road Bike Shimano Cassettes - Use the 1.8mm cassette spacer available from the spares section
The Road2 XDR freehub is compatible with:
  • SRAM XDR cassettes - No spacer
  • SRAM XD cassettes - Use the 1.8mm cassette spacer provided




  • Arc22 Wheels - Great Value!

    Posted on 14 January 2020 by j. klančar

    4 stars
    The wheelset is quite light, but not quite as stiff as some more expensive wheels. Reliability-wise they are flawless even after riding gravel, the hubs are reliable and smooth with decent engagement while the rim is still nice and straight. I've had them set up tubeless but it was quite a pain. All together it's an awesome value, especially with a discount. The performance is solid but not