Edge100 Stainless Ring

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Edge System - Our new modular system for high durability stainless steel narrow wide chainrings. New fitments and ring sizes launching over Spring 2018.

CNC Machined Stainless Outer Ring ONLY.
Only compatible with 100 Module Edge system.

3d CNC machined from the finest 7075 T6 Aluminium the custom spider combines with a range of size stainless steel chainrings to give the best of both worlds - Ultra durability and low weight. The stainless steel outer rings are precision CNC machined out of marine grade stainless. This material is ultra tough which means they take a long time machine, hence the higher pricepoint reflecting the amount of work which goes into producing this superior product. We expect these outer rings to outlast aluminium rings by 5-6 times depending on conditions and chain replacement intervals.

The spiders and chainring outers are fully interchangeable in each size family, so you can swap out to fit new brand cranks or even try out a different ratio for each ride.

Module size available:

EDGE84 XS - Launching 2019
EDGE100 - 30-32-34 Round 32-34-36 Oval
EDGE130 XL - Launching 2019

The spiders are designed and CNC machined from 7075 T6 aluminium in our own facility in the UK. By manufacturing products with the highest quality machinery, we can offer market leading quality for amazing value and huge choice of fitment.


About Raptor chainring design exclusive to Superstar Components:

Alternating narrow-wide profile teeth help reduce sideways movement in rough terrain which normally derails chains. Complex precision machined debris gullies help evacuate mud for all weather performance superior to the competition. Compatible with all 9, 10,11 or 12 speed chains, so virtually everything including the new SRAM EAGLE range. 

Why Narrow-Wide?
There is alot of marketing rubbish and myths about narrow wide rings but in effect they are quite simple. Chains are designed to have sideways movement in them to allow for shifting on a cassette, without this they wouldn't shift. If you are running a single ring on rough ground the chain whips around and can twist sideways enough to come off the ring while peddling. This is because the outer links of the chain leave a larger gap and allow the chain to twist off the ring further than a narrow link. A narrow wide ring has fatter teeth to correspond with the outer links which prevents this excess sideways movement, and therefore prevents the chain dropping off the ring.

This type of ring doesn't grip the chain, or prevent it jumping over the top of teeth, or other magical marketing claim! Tooth height and shape have no effect on performance as the chain only ever touches a small part of the ring - the bit which wears on the face of the tooth in an old ring.The biggest difference between brands is the complexity of the machining to clear mud and debris which causes wear and reliability problems. Our complex and market leading tooth profile ejects mud much more efficiently than our competitors, giving you superior performance in all weathers.


Do I need a chainguide or a clutch mech?
Not specifically, but for more intense riding styles you may want to add additional layers of security. Any chainguide requires sufficient clearance to cover at the largest point of the ring.

What is the offset of the ring and what chainline?
The offset of a ring is how much it is dished over from a standard flat chainring, it is used to achieve correct tyre/frame clearance and also to set the correct chainline. A standard chainring is 4mm thick with the teeth central to the ring, so a 8mm offset ring is 12mm thick and moves the teeth 8mm inboard of the standard position.
This moves your chainline to suit your requirements and crankset specification. Different cranksets are designed around different offset rings, we manufacture our rings to follow the manufacturers standard chainline/offset. It is possible to alter the chainline from standard but this can lead to clearance issues so we do not offer such parts.

Ive got Boost what offset do i need?
Boost rear hubs are 3mm per side wider than standard. Some manufacturers use a special Boost chainring to move the chainline outwards 3mm to match this, others use standard offset chainrings with a special Boost crank. You need to find out what crank offset type you have and choose the correct model ring to suit.

We offer Boost model chainrings to convert standard cranksets to Boost fitment.

Please note:

  • Ensure you check fitment suitability before ordering.
  • We cannot accept returns on parts which are used or otherwise marked. You must check you have the correct fitment before attempting to fit, as parts which are not in as new and resalable condition are not refundable or swapable.
  • These chainrings are designed specifically for single front set-up only. They do not have the necessary shifting ramps and will not work with double or triple ring set-ups.


Tech Specs

Weight of Spider - 30-36g depending on model

Weight of 5 bolts - 9g Stainless - 4g Titanium

Ring Weights:

Edge84 26T round - 49g
Edge84 28T round - 67g
Edge100 30T round - 68g
Edge100 32T round - 76g
Edge100 34T round - 85g
Edge100 36T round - 101g
Edge100 32T OVAL- 75g
Edge100 34T OVAL- 92g
Edge100 36T OVAL- 95g


Module size available:

EDGE84 XS - Launching 2019
EDGE100 - 30-32-34 Round 32-34-36 Oval
EDGE130 XL - Launching 2019

SRAM: 6 Standard / 3 Boost / 0 BB30 short spindle cranks
51 chainline cranks: 6 Standard / 3 Boost
Raceface 48.5 chainline cranks: 3 Standard / 0 Boost
Hope: 6mm Boost
Cannondale : 6 Standard / 3 Boost or AI
E13 : 6 Standard / 3 Boost
There is scope for adjusting chainline but we cannot offer any advice on this as it depends on your personal setup, clerances and requirements.