Balance Seatclamp - 31.8mm - CLEARANCE

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Designed for use with lightweight seatposts and carbon fibre, the Balance seatclamp uses a roller barrel to equalise the clamping force of the bolt. NOTE: The size is the external diameter of the seat tube on the frame, not the diameter of your seatpost.



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Tech Specs


  • 31.8 - 24g
  • 34.9 - 26g


  • John Wilkinson

    Posted on 19 August 2012

    5 stars
    The best seat clamp to buy on the market bar none. Bought a Thompson one for 3 times the cost as they were recommended for carbon frame/carbon seat post as per my bike...It was completely too big (yes, I did buy the correct size) and couldn't clamp the post tightly enough even with Pace RC500 carbon paste. So, sent the P.O.S back and bought on of these awesome pieces of kit....ABSOLUTE BARGAIN!
  • Paul Richards

    Posted on 7 August 2012

    5 stars
    Perfect fit and another perfect item from a brilliant company , oh and look sexy as hell.!!
  • Simon Collins

    Posted on 2 July 2012

    5 stars
    Solid but sexy piece of bike candy, elegant asymmetric design. But why not available in silver?
  • Dave Cahill

    Posted on 17 April 2012

    5 stars
    Does the job perfectly. fit and forget part the has work perfectly for 2 years now
  • Michael Carberry

    Posted on 5 November 2011

    5 stars
    Bought two (blue & red). Cool design, great price. Quality item!