Arc ULTRA Disc Rims

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Fresh in the new Arc ULTRA DISC rims are manufactured for us by a well respected rim manufacturer which we have worked with for nearly a decade. Using in house manufactured custom aluminium alloys they forge their own aluminium chemistry to give these rims an amazing blend of stiffness and low weight. These premium quality rims are packed full of technology under the surface.

19mm internal width for modern tyre profiles and lower rolling resistance. Pair that with tubeless makes this build lightning fast wheelsets. Perfect for pretty much anything the road can throw at them with enough width for nice tyre shape. Their sensible weight and great strength means gravel and cyclocross use.

The key technology advantage of these rims is the post bending heat treatment. Obviously, you need a huge oven to fit thousands of rims in rather than a pallet of flat extrusion so its a lot more expensive, but it makes the bending process more accurate and also relieves the stress within the metal for straighter and stronger rims for ultimate reliability.

Designed with our LOKR bead gripper technology to make running a tubeless setup simple and reliable. Tubeless allows for a more supple tyre carcass, increased puncture resistance and grip benefits, but of course all our tubeless-ready rims are also designed to work perfectly with clincher tyres and inner tubes if you prefer. The tight sleeve joint gives a better finish and balance when compared to a traditional welded joint. 

Asymmetric spoke bed shifts the spoke angles to be more equal for a stronger and more durable wheel allowing lower weight builds with no penalties. 3d drilling is a final touch to help align spokes and reduce stress on the spoke bed.

Glossy black anodising and subtle laser marking. Looks good and will last, no scrappy stickers flaking or peeling off after a few weeks.

Tech Specs

Light and stiff performance rims with modern wide stance.
26mm section 

19mm Internal width

ERD 590

Weight: 455g