Alpine Trail V6 Wheelset - UK Made Hubs

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Introducing our UK made V6 Disc Hubs built on our ultra premium AlpineTrail rim range. The new benchmark for performance at an industry leading price. No corners have been cut in making this wheelset from the Premium Belgium manufactured Sapim spokes, the hubset manufactured inhouse in our CNC factory in Lincoln, the ultra premium SKF Bike Specific Bearings and the latest in rim technology. Cheap Light Strong, you can have all three with Superstar Components AlpineTrail wheels


Trail24 - 24mm internal width - Trail and race performance
Alpine30 - 30mm internal width - Durable yet wide and light for intense riding

Superstar Components new rim range was designed in conjunction with a world leading premium rim manufacturer, the new Alpine30 and Trail24 is our own design and tooling exclusive to Superstar Components. Combining our huge experience of building and servicing tens of thousands of wheels used in real world conditions with the metallurgy and manufacturing knowledge of our experienced factory, this rim is going to be a world leader for performance.

Ready to rip every trail, every possible performance feature was built into this rim. Optimised for maximum stability with the latest ultra-wide tires, we expanded the internal width out to 24 or 30mm while keeping the rim incredibly light. Asymmetric spoke drilling with 3D directionality means a perfect dish angle for stronger wheel builds. A new proprietary alloy and material property modifying bead blast surface treatment means the new rims are built to last. Featuring LokR Tubeless Technology, it offers unmatched traction, control, and reliability.

  • The perfect balance of strength and weight
  • Extra wide for improved stability with larger tires
  • Low-profile asymmetric design for optimal Spoke angle and wheel build strength.
  • Stiffer and stronger for improved handling
  • Lighter and more durable custom 6069 T-XXX modified alloy
  • Proven tubeless system for easy setup and low maintenance

At Superstar Components we always strive for better, faster, stronger. While the hubsets we imported from our original suppliers over the last ten years were OK, we still tweaked the designs over the years and introduced the highest quality bearings from SKF to make them stand out from the competition. But they just could not provide what we needed so we decided to bring all hub production inhouse. So after several years of designing, testing and huge investment in the highest quality CNC machines we are launching our own hubs, made with no compromises.
The V6 range of hubs are the perfect balance of strength, weight and performance for the latest disc equipped bikes. Designed with durability in mind, the oversize axle and large PCD flanges give better spoke angles than lesser hubsets for stiffer and stronger wheel builds.
Easy change adaptors and huge 17mm rear axles for superior performance. 6 pawl high speed pickup design for lightning fast reactions, alternating sets of 3 give duarability and 54 engagments per rotation.
We have added in all the features we desired for the perfect hub. Custom seals, Custom bearings, oversize axles, oversize flanges, extra detailed machining all add upto the ultimate hubset. As we are producing these by the thousand we can offer market leading quality for a reasonable price, with long term spares backup direct from the manufacturer.

V6 Hubset Features:
  • 7075 T6 aerospace grade Aluminium
  • 54 Engagement 6 pawl freehub for ultrafast pickup
  • SKF Bike Specific Bearings - The ultimate quality sealed bearing
  • Standard 6 bolt disc fitment
  • Precision CNC machined endcaps
  • High gloss anodise finish
  • Weight removal by extensive CNC machining.
  • Manufactured with pride in the UK

Built in the UK with Sapim Laser Black spokes and Black Sapim POLYAX alloy nipples with PTFE antiseize, these wheels are light, stiff and backed up by our comprehensive support package:

  • 2 year warranty
  • Huge range of spares and service parts for long term lifespan
All Superstar wheels are supplied without rimtape or tubeless parts. We prefer to allow customers to fit their personal choice of tape/valves/sealant to suit their requirements.

All Superstar wheels are custom built to your specifications. For example if you choose BOOST adaptors it will be built on a BOOST hub and it is not possible to change to non-boost once built. As this product is custom built to your specifications we cannot accept returns/refunds/swaps as the build is bespoke to you.

Tech Specs

32 spoke front -3x 32 spoke rear - 3x

Alpine30 - 30mm internal width - Durable yet light for intense riding
Trail24 - 24mm internal width - Trail and race performance

Wheelset Weight:
Alpine30 - 27.5" - Pair 1920g
Trail24 - 27.5" - Pair 1665g

Note: Weights are generated by weighing a randomly selected wheelset with freehub and adaptors fitted. Due to the manufacturing process components parts vary, so this value is to be taken as guide not a guarantee. Our values are not to be confused with "optimistic" theoretical weights some manufactures claim which are often hundreds of grams understated.

Our wheels are focused on durability and long life, not weight weenie gram chasing. Sure we could easily save 100g a wheelset by putting tiny thin section bearings which don't last in our hubs but that's not upto the quality we require. If you want crazy light and unusable products we cannot help sorry.

The V6 Shimano freehub is compatible with:

  • 11 speed Mountain Bike Shimano Cassettes - Use the 1.8mm cassette spacer provided
  • 8/9/10 speed Mountain Bike Shimano Cassettes - Use the 1.8mm cassette spacer provided
  • 11 speed Road Bike Shimano Cassettes - No spacer
  • 8/9/10 speed Road Bike Shimano Cassettes - Use the 1.8mm cassette spacer provided
The V6 XDR freehub is compatible with:
  • SRAM XDR cassettes - No spacer
  • SRAM XD cassettes - Use the 1.8mm cassette spacer provided
Launching Summer 2019 - The optional Campagnolo freehub body is a straight swap and is compatible with 8,9,10,11 and 12 speed Campagnolo type cassettes



  • Tubeless

    Posted on 16 June 2020 by A. Watson

    5 stars
    I have custom built Trail24 wheels. the schwalbie tyres went on easily and seated with one CO2 Cartridge. first ride exigent with a couple of small drops with no problem. I used 27mm tape and 36mm valves .
  • V6 Trail 24 29" Wheels

    Posted on 11 February 2020 by M. MASSEY

    5 stars
    Wheels just arrived, can't comment on reliability but they look great and only weight 1739g, Not bad for £239!