About Us

Our Big Idea

Provide people who love bikes as much as we do with products at a fair and affordable price with zero compromise on quality.

Superstar Components was started in 2006 with a single aim: cut out the middleman and sell high quality parts direct to customers at sensible prices. You can only get Superstar parts from our website, so you know your getting a great deal. We've grown from humble beginnings selling brake pads from a bedroom, to a biker run company with 3 warehouses and lots of staff. We now offer a wide range of products for both mountain and road bikes, building all our wheels inhouse and CNC machining the majority of our parts in the UK.

Everyone who works for us has a real passion for bikes and cycling, so you can trust our parts have been tested in real life conditions. We are always on hand to answer any questions you have and offer advice if you are unsure what you need, or can't decide between two options - we want you to enjoy riding and get the most out of our gear.



While we are big enough to create cool products, we are still small enough to care. We set up Superstar Components because we like to ride bikes, we build wheels because we like cool kit, and we are humans on the other end of your emails who are just as passionate about riding as you… so maybe you can't see our face, and it's hard to walk in to our shop, but we're there to help you, advise you and ensure you get the most out of your ride regardless. Here's a slice of what we offer:

UK Made

When we started our big idea it was our dream to manufacture parts in the UK and we're proud to say our manufacturing facility is now up and running. Putting design, prototyping, programming and manufacturing under one roof means we can now offer an even wider range of products, keep them in stock when you want them, and still offer great value for money.

Our manufacturing dream has only been possible because we've invested in the best equipment and the best people to help us make the most of what we've got. We use aerospace quality materials and equipment, get excited about achieving tolerances we can measure in microns and we have a 100% commitment to the safety of our staff. It's simple really, great stuff in = great stuff out.

All of our wheels are built in the UK using the best equipment in the world. We work with Holland Mechanics who are leaders in wheelbuilding machinery and we commissioned a custom high end build line from them which hits our high standards for build quality and accuracy. The computer uses direct drive torque readings and 3 lasers to know exactly what is happening at every point of the rim, so with our equipment we know every single wheel is built within 0.2mm accuracy, with zero spoke twist and even spoke tension.

Want a sneak peak of how we manufacture our parts? Here's a quick video:

If you have any questions at all about who we are, what we do or how we do it, get in touch:
e: contact@superstarcomponents.com