• Mbuk: Superstar Tesla Hubs/pacenti Tl28 Rims

    Posted on 3 May 2014

    5 stars

    Superstar have been direct selling top value wheelsets hand built in the UK for years and it's no surprise to see their latest trail combo take our Value award. The Pacenti rim is cross country light and can be taped up for tubeless use. A 23mm internal width lets you pick anything from even the fattest tyre buffet too. We would be careful running super low pressures though, as the lip does see

  • Jayce Unitt

    Posted on 29 April 2014 about Laser Chain Device

    3 stars
    For the price it\'s pretty good but the jockey wheel doesn\'t have a bearing in it & after 12 months use it\'s pretty much destroyed. It was good while it lasted but I wish I\'d spent a bit more on something that would last longer. Not having a bearing in something that constantly spins while peddling is quite a poor design. Superstar Edit: The jockey wheels are a consumable part and are availa
  • Iain Lowther

    Posted on 27 April 2014 about Slider Chain Device

    1 stars
    This is the worst chain guide i have ever used. I used to run a 3 speed front deraileur as a chain guide until i bought this and i would prefer the deraileur as it held the chain better. The top guide on this is horrible as it only covers one side of the chainring and it lets the chain get down behind the back which jams the chain between the guide and the chain ring. It isn\'t like this only happ
  • John Lester

    Posted on 26 April 2014 about Custom Grip Builder

    5 stars
    Bought these grips to replace an ageing pair of yeti grips for my hard tail. Looked around for ages and was disappointed at the expensive prices. Then I discovered superstar. Been riding for a long time now and were have these guys been all my life. Half the price and just as good with very good customer service (they give you haribo, what more could you want). Sugar infused riding mayhem with a s
  • David Trusty

    Posted on 26 April 2014 about Pave 28 Wheelset 20/24

    5 stars
    I've had a pair of these for a fortnight and done just under 300 miles on them, in a Trek Domane frame & shod with Schwalbe Ultremo 28mm tyres. The wheels are well made and true; they've remained true over the 300 miles despite being hammered over some extremely rough road surfaces in & around The Bowland Fells. I weigh 13st 2llbs, btw. In comparison with a set of (rather more expensive) HE