• Poor Quality Nuts And Bolt

    Posted on 25 November 2016 about Crown Race Removal Tool by C. Eason

    3 stars
    I've used this twice (And it does its job well provided the crown race you're removing has a slot for the tool to hook into). The second time I used it, as I was winding the nuts back off after removing the crown race I realised the nuts were seized on the threaded bar. The threaded bar sheared straight through when I continued trying to undo the nut. The threaded bar that cones with the tool is e
  • Excellent That This Is Available Shame It Was Needed So Early

    Posted on 25 November 2016 about Nano Pedal Service Kit by C. Eason

    1 stars
    This is essential for keeping anyone who bought the new version of the nano pedal on the road. Mine lasted around 3 months before the bushing started to noticeably disintegrate, which increased play at the crank side of the pedal and rapidly destroyed the seals, leading to even quicker wear of the bushing. The sad thing is that plenty of friends of mine, who admittedly do far fewer miles have been
  • Superstar Customer Service

    Posted on 24 November 2016 about Delta Magnesium EVO Pedals - CLEARANCE by H. Hassenpflug

    5 stars
    thanks so much for the excellent service and for sending me the repaired pedals free of charge in fine form.
  • Excellent As A Lightweight Track Rim

    Posted on 15 November 2016 about BOR R373 Rim by M. Carey

    5 stars
    I picked up a pair of these for some track wheels I was having built. The 32h disc rims don't have a braking track, which is perfect for use on a fixed wheel track bike.
  • Tyre Fitting Problems

    Posted on 13 November 2016 about ARC CX-RAY Probuild Volta EVO 11Speed - CLEARANCE DEAL by D. Mundow

    2 stars

    Bought these wheels 2 weeks ago just got round to trying to fit tyres as not planning to use in winter. So far unable to fit a used Giant tyre. If no success after a few more tries I'll be sending them back. Shame as seem well built and look great in silver.


    Superstar Comment:

    Hello 99% of tyre fitting problems are either the tyres being incorrect or incorrect fit