• Mr

    Posted on 25 October 2014 about CNC Nano Tech Flats by Mark H

    5 stars
    Use alot of Superstar components on my own bike, due to quality, colours, finish and the fact that they're pretty much bomb proof so bought some Nano's for the wifes Trek. she wasn't happy with the red colour so returned them and received a black pair all within a week. Happy wife = happy bloke. Fantastic pedals at a cracking price should out live the bike!
  • Nice And Light Wheelset

    Posted on 21 October 2014 about Switch ULTRA Tactic Wheelset CLEARANCE by Arno

    5 stars
    first the cold facts (26 inch): Weight set: 1574 grams (without rimtape) Innerwide 23.5mm outer 28.5mm This is a stiff wheelset, even with 28 laser spokes...
  • Excellent

    Posted on 14 October 2014 about I/O Chainring - Narrow Wide Style by Rob W Hill

    5 stars
    So, for 25 quid. Zero complaints. I have dropped the chain ONCE in the 6 months I have had this on my bike. This was in the woods at the 2014 Megavalanche when the bike was so muddy the wheels wouldnt turn round and the cranks were invisible. I couldnt pedal even if I wanted to! - Used for enduro and DH, plenty of rough stuff. Using a Zee mech and no chain device on both wide range and close ratio
  • Delta Pedal

    Posted on 8 October 2014 about Delta Pedals by DAVE JOHNSON

    5 stars
    Brilliant set of pedals, had for around 5 months and 600 miles of off road riding on anything from trails around the peak district to downhill in bike park wales to the rock gardens and climbs in scotland, in other words they take a beating, they still run as smooth as when i fitted them they have lost no pins and still look good even after a few strikes, black with Ti axles
  • Mbuk: Superstar Tesla Hubs/pacenti Tl28 Rims

    Posted on 3 May 2014

    5 stars

    Superstar have been direct selling top value wheelsets hand built in the UK for years and it's no surprise to see their latest trail combo take our Value award. The Pacenti rim is cross country light and can be taped up for tubeless use. A 23mm internal width lets you pick anything from even the fattest tyre buffet too. We would be careful running super low pressures though, as the lip does see