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Superstar Components buys parts from factories around the world, and retails them direct to the customer to avoid costs. We can offer the same products as most brands sell for much less than their RRP, the products the same, the quality is the same, the route to you is much leaner!

We ride bikes and have several bike geeks in our staff who can dismantle and reassemble a bike blindfolded, so if you are having an installation nightmare or have a sensible question please feel free to get in contact.

Please dont think that our parts are rubbish because of the low price, welcome to the world of parts production where "big brands" dont actually design or make much themselves. We major on flexibility so you want half black and half silver spokes - Sure thing! Red hubs and white rims, pink nipples, titanium axles... What every you want just ASK!

If you have any ideas for parts you think we would stock we would love to know, we are a customer driven business. If you want to have updates about our lovely stuff please sign up in the shop for our newsletter and you will be the first to know about our special offers and cool new products.

Thank you, From the Superstar Team

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